Monkey see, Monkey Do – IITian monkeys

Let me start by clarifying that I am an Ape, not a monkey. Monkey see, Monkey do – To quote Wikipedia, it refers to learning of a process without an understanding of why it works. It can also imply the act of mimicry, usually with limited knowledge and/or concern of the consequences.

What has this to do with IITians? I assume you have guessed it by now. This article is a comment on my own family. The IITian family. Continue Reading


Indian I am, India, it is!!

I see a lot of people saying a whole lot of things about India. At times, I remain silent, at times I  argue,  at times I write, and all the time, I silently cry. Continue Reading

Second year at IITD

Today, I was reading a note in FB by one of my classmates, in which she was describing her second year experiences at IITD.  With her permission, Here I present to my readers, an excerpt.

One week into the fourth semester and I realised this ain’t going to be an easy one in terms of academics and it wasn’t because the courses being taught were very-very difficult or something but because of the way they were being  *forced*  upon us. Where shall I begin, be it EEL 308( where I didn’t know what the hell was I doing and why, just for some stupid quizzes and marks or a grade) or be it EEL204(which I thought had led me to a level where for the first time in my life I doubted myself). Continue Reading