Another annoyed, angry concerned IIT alumnus speaks..

If there are thousands on a train platform and only one train, making the doors wider is not going to help the situation. You have to add more trains.

This is a statement from Chetan Bhagat‘s collumn in todays TOI. He is an alumnus of IITD, a famous writer, and a concerned Indian. Read what he has to say about proposed JEE reforms here (column in TOI).

As I was reading Newspaper today, I came across Kapil Sibal’s announcement that the decision to reform JEE and conduct a common Entrance examination was taken after taking all issues into consideration, and that the HRD ministry has no plans of stepping back, I couldn’t just control my laughter. No move has been so foolish ever. ( I know, The record wont stand long. :P)

IITs are already actively combating with state imposed reservations, substandard examination pattern since we switched to complete MCQ scheme, and various internal issues that are better kept to inner circles. Implement the reform, and that would be the last day we IITians could proudly say.. We are IITians. That would be the day India would lose one of its much-valued assets. That would be the day when all IIT alumni mourn for the death of IITs. Yes, I’m actually being modest. Implement the common entrance test as proposed, and I’d call IITs and their charm, a history of the past. Most would agree.

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Something I accidentally chanced upon.. And its worth a read, hence this reblog. 🙂 enjoy.


(Dr. Manindra Agarwal’s Journey to the Primality Testing)

It was December 2002 when suddenly a rumor spread around in the Computer Science students, who had just graduated from IITK in May that year, that two of their batch mates had completed their PhDs in a matter of few months. It took no time for the mails to be circulated, phone calls to be made, yahoo messengers to ring the message among the students who were either working or were furthering their studies. Two of their own batch mates, friends of many, had completed their PhD and that too How!

When few got the real scoop, the news was even more interesting than the completion of PhD. They had invented an algorithm to solve a huge problem in Mathematics. It had been an open problem for a long time. They had invented an algorithm to test if a number was prime…

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IIT JEE survives!

Six IITs ‘spoil’ Kapil Sibal’s common engineering test dream : North News – India Today.

Good news to all protesters out there, The change is delayed by at-least an year. IIT-JEE is not going to use Board marks as a basis for evaluation in 2013, since senates of IIT have said a no-no to the proposal. The video i posted recently, expressing IITD’s stance on the situation, may be of interest in this context. Everyone is against the use of board marks in evaluation, for two main reasons. One, the reason being given by ministry, that it will put a check on coaching institutes, is anything but sensible. All that can be achieved is perhaps, a shift in emphasis. This can be nothing but encouragement to more coaching for board exams. And the second and most important reason, being the lack of uniformity in board exam patterns across the country, and as Prof. Sanghi points out in the video, considering percentile marks is not an acceptable solution, atleast without testing.

Note to Kapil Sibbal: IITs are spoiled enough, thanks to reservations and MCQ pattern exams, let the IIT system decide what is best for itself. There is a reason IITs are under HRD ministry. We are considered human resources of the country, at-least Jawaharlal Nehru thought so. You have no right to impose what you consider best, on such a thing as IITs which Indians pride, atleast not unless we switch to autocracy.

(As a side note, the present state of India looks much like it runs Autocratic government. Democracy is nowhere except on paper. it is a shame to say that the worlds largest democracy is also the most criticized, highly unsatisfactory, and atleast to me, just a pseudo-democracy. If I’m not too lazy, I’ll write another blog post on this.)

IIT-B introduces deferred placement policy – Indian Express

IIT-B introduces deferred placement policy – Indian Express.

Good to hear that IITB is supportive. To summarize, IITB now has a deferred placement policy, which encourages students willing prefer entrepreneurship to jobs, by setting up a panel with mentors and angel investors to help the startup, and in two years time, if things go wrong, the student will be allowed to take part in campus placements, so this essentially functions as a fall-back safety net, and with the current trend of rising interest in entrepreneurship, I am sure this decision will  be received with much pleasure.

As a side note, This, among many others, is one of the things i wish to see implemented at IITD, and every other institute in India.