Let’s unite as Team Humanity to revive degraded land: A conversation with TED Books author Allan Savory and rancher Gail Steiger

A change is necessary in the way we look at agriculture, desertification, the way we blame overgrazing..

I was trained to think the same way as many do. I was taught overgrazing is the reason for desertification, that reducing populations solves the problem. It felt logical, but something felt wrong about reducing the populations, when I was watching Nat Geo or Discovery or Animal Planet showing a massive herd. there has to be an optimum level and we haven’t got it right, I thought. Here is someone who has evidence to prove that the thinking is flawed, or atleast the optimum level, if we stick to my theories, is far higher than we are led to believe. And I am ready to change the way I look at these issues. Are you?

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AlanGail_Q&A Allan Savory is a biologist who has spent a lifetime trying to save degraded land. Gail Steiger is a rancher and filmmaker who has long followed his work. Below, what happens when the two talk. Make sure to read to the end for the stab-you-in-the-heart final question.

All over the world, land is turning into desert at an alarming rate. Biologist Allan Savory has dedicated a lifetime to figuring out what’s causing this “desertification.” Finally, after decades of work in the field, Savory discovered a radical solution—one that went against everything scientists had always thought. He used huge herds of livestock, managed to mimic the behavior of the natural herds that roamed grasslands centuries ago, and saw degraded land revert to robust ecosystems.

Here, Savory talks with rancher, performer and acclaimed filmmaker Gail Steiger about his new TED Book The Grazing Revolution: A Radical Plan to Save the Earth

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