Indian I am, India, it is!!

I see a lot of people saying a whole lot of things about India. At times, I remain silent, at times I  argue,  at times I write, and all the time, I silently cry.

I love India. It has a rich tradition, history, and so and so and such. But, given my choice, I choose to keep my distance from Indians. It may seem ironic, coming from a certain someone who talks a lot about India, but as I said, I love India. I dislike hate Indians. It is the same me who stands up against all the idiots and freaks who do nothing but share/like anything and everything that has the word India, advocating them to regain their long lost senses and stop being idiotic.

A certain poet once said: ” దేశమంటే మట్టి కాదోయ్  దేశమంటే మనుషులోయ్ ” Which, when translated, means : ‘ A country is not its soil, Its the people.’ That was a really literal translation, but you get the point. What is left of a country when you take away people from it? What exactly does India mean? Does it even make sense to say I love India but hate Indians?

You may have already realized; I am an average, ordinary, perfectly normal Indian. There are very few, (if any at all) who think otherwise. We, Indians, love India, hate Indians. What is the reason?

This post is not to answer any questions. It is a question in itself. A silent appeal to think where we are heading. I am looking for answers/suggestions in comments.

What inspired me to write this?

This was a series of comments by a friend, in a span of few minutes, on a facebook post in a private group. Apparently, my friend got excited, I dont know the trigger, but I saw an angered Indian there.

a govt employee [ some police oficer] collected all the info n witnesses abt how bribes r being given nd taken.. al abt corruption!! as he submitted the things to the higher authority.. another person has been appointed as his superior [ he has to take permission of this superior to start some work, directly to say, he was SUPPRESSED!!]

by this news, my father stopped saying me to thinking abt writing civils exam


Our president!!!! first female president, they say!! worst president ever i sayy!!!! She stil didn’t sign the certificates of IIT students, which r to be given this month!! n spends hundreds of crores for her n her family!


Sibal says more exams= more tension n depression!! but colleges say.. they gonna start new entrance exam for their clg..
I saw students worrying only before exams.. but now a 10th passed student is under depression nt knowing abt his future!! wch exam to write.. and wat to prepare!!

my bro n his friends, they r worrying like hell!!! nt knowing wat to do, on reading news by sibal n frm other college authorities!


n all this JAGAN thing, was known before too.. but that was raised jus before elections, because people gonna vote him out of sympathy n because of YS.. so our so called great Congress supressed him!!


And our so called YOUTH ICON rahul gandhi says.. ” I feel ashamed being an Indian ”
How dare he say like that!!!!??????


Leave alone all other things, playing with the students’ future!! makes me feel like killing them!!!!

Disclaimer: In no way do I endorse any of the above statements. They were quoted, verbatim, just to let you ‘see’ what someone feels. Some may agree, some may not. This one time, I remain silent. I listen in silence for the faint voice of my country, that more or less echoes the same. or atleast it wants to, but just couldn’t.

As someone said, we are sentimental fools. And you know what? I love Indians, for I am one of them, I share any evil, as do I share the pride and glory. I hate not the Indians, I hate their silence, I hate their silence. I hate the accepted impotence. I hate the ‘why should I care’. For ye who doesn’t care, deserves not to be cared for. And with no one to care, we are what we are today.  As I said, I am looking for answers.

It wrote itself. I was just the typist


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  1. Ah! I guess I forgot something. All the quoted thing in comments to a shared link, that points here:


  2. Our country is suffering not because of violance of bad people but because of the silence of good people…….!!!


  3. 😀 🙂
    i do think all dees need to be given to bsp
    “manollana cmps motham chadhavalsinadhi idhi”


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