Another annoyed, angry concerned IIT alumnus speaks..

If there are thousands on a train platform and only one train, making the doors wider is not going to help the situation. You have to add more trains.

This is a statement from Chetan Bhagat‘s collumn in todays TOI. He is an alumnus of IITD, a famous writer, and a concerned Indian. Read what he has to say about proposed JEE reforms here (column in TOI).

As I was reading Newspaper today, I came across Kapil Sibal’s announcement that the decision to reform JEE and conduct a common Entrance examination was taken after taking all issues into consideration, and that the HRD ministry has no plans of stepping back, I couldn’t just control my laughter. No move has been so foolish ever. ( I know, The record wont stand long. :P)

IITs are already actively combating with state imposed reservations, substandard examination pattern since we switched to complete MCQ scheme, and various internal issues that are better kept to inner circles. Implement the reform, and that would be the last day we IITians could proudly say.. We are IITians. That would be the day India would lose one of its much-valued assets. That would be the day when all IIT alumni mourn for the death of IITs. Yes, I’m actually being modest. Implement the common entrance test as proposed, and I’d call IITs and their charm, a history of the past. Most would agree.

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J Phani Mahesh


3 thoughts on “Another annoyed, angry concerned IIT alumnus speaks..

  1. The fact is that if the minister announced a lottery to get into the IIT rather than an exam, the majority may support it. After all, most cannot get into an IIT, so a lottery improves their chances. Should we do it then? The current changes are akin to a lottery element being added to the entrance exam. It may even enjoy some public support. However, over time, it will destroy the IITs and make them less excellent. And when some of the excellence that we have in India dies, it hurts.

    :: A comment by Pratyush Rathore while sharing TOI article on fb. Copied it here. ::


  2. The comment is from TOI itself, not coined by me..


  3. Oh! the last para! I must’ve not noticed properly. Thanks for pointing out. 🙂


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