What is the purpose of life?

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The big question. What is the purpose of life?

TL;DR: Whatever you chose to believe.

I honestly don’t know if I’m qualified enough to answer this, but I’ll answer it anyway. And I’ll try to keep it short.

Did you ever question the purpose of life? Did you try questioning someone what they believe is the purpose of life? There are people who’ve devoted their life for an ideal they chose to believe in. Art, Philosophy, Science, Religion, Country, Society, Service, Terror, Chaos, Peace, and what not. Ask them what the purpose of life is. They would give you answers varied in perspective, often strongly aligned with the ideal they chose to believe in. And at some point of time, you might doubt, or realize,
that these people have chosen an ideal for a reason that collapses the more you explore its roots, and then made a semi-conscious
effort to convince themselves that that precise thing they believe in, is what the essence of life is.

With so many answers, often not in agreement with one another, you might be tempted to conclude they are all far from truth. But I doubt if it is really the case. Truth, very much like good and bad, is relative, and depends very much on the perspective.
All those statements that state a particular thing to be the true essence of life, all of them are true, for the simple reason that the speaker chose to believe in it.

It is all a matter of choice.

Not everyone has an ideal to live for. Many are busy in the mechanical ways of life that they had neither the opportunity nor the need to explore the philosophical questions on life. Those are the ones you find dumb-struck when they face the question. They haven’t made the choice yet.

Your choice, is what defines you.


Maybe you are…

Maybe you are the kind of person who is afraid of failure so you give up at the first sign of difficulty. Maybe you never learned self-discipline so you can’t do anything that’s “boring”. Maybe you were told that you are “gifted” so you never attempt anything that might make you seem stupid or not a prodigy. Maybe you are competitive and unfairly compare yourself to someone like me who’s been programming for 20+ years.

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