The Git rap

Rap song about git and Github. Source @

yo, this is the git rap
we gonna do it like this
we gonna do it like that
i got ten stacks pushed in my stash
git stash clear, it was gone like that
but have no fear cause i bounce right back

(bounce right back bounce right back)

some use a gui, and i guess thats fine
but your boy right here prefers the command line

git init to git the party started
git add them files and then we git retarded
got got no no no idea what what what is in store
just a touch that file dot-git-ignore

(dont forget .DS_Store in your gitignore)
(dont forget .DS_Store in your gitignore)
thats only if you got mac

so, now we taking the tour
got files added, don’t need no more
yo this is too legit to quit
so its time for the git commit
i do a dash-a to specify them all
dash -m with the message that ima show yall
this is the first commit and we standing tall
git push origin master you dont wanna brawl

( why? )

chillin in my dash-b boy stance
git check it out yo to make a new branch
top of the mountain pushing down code like an avalanche
SVN and CVS never hard a chance
its undisputed its distributed
all the boys and girls agree the github
ocotcat is the cutest
im a github boss title unrefuted
follow marak right now ( uhh uhh just do it )

( yeah github is pretty cool )

ohh hrmm it that a remote we have
i wont git merge your branch if the code is bad
your pull request has no tests and you know thats sad
i got continuos git integration bro, you mad?
even chad, could not deny the work flow…
git is a power tool ready to put in work…

mein, this is the git rap
i am your git teacher
and you could get slapped
man, you better check yourself
man, is the tool to help you help yourself
man, then name the tool before wreck yourself
run man git to get knowledge and wealth

so git hubbers just keep iterating
git tag all them versions keep the changelog stating
a brief description of things dun change
always using semantic versioning raaaaanges
its not dangerous
internet strangers
open-source bangers
coding in hangers
pull request slangers
that you dont wanna anger
break the bank at the Tangiers
flow like Danny Ocean
drink git kool-aide its a powerful potion

( chug chug chug )

zomg bro that commit its so sick
just allow me to do git cherry-pick

because its too legit to quit
with the git cherry pick
we do it like this

head in the cloud thinking about workflow
rebase when git pull or you will get hurt yo
so pop that stash like a collared shirt bro
grammers dont go into interactive mode
squash my commit and i will explode
if you regress my feature
i’ll unleashed the hypnotoad

( waaaahhh )

so, back to the lesson at hand
git status to determine to the plan
git diff color to see where i am
i get with git every day i can
this is the git rap and i am the git man
wait you mean li-li-linus, mr linux royal highness
he made git the best he can so you know it is the finest
anyone not using git needs to be reminded its
imperative to distribute authors of the code
if we didnt have git the linux kernel would probably explode
so says we all even the hypnotoad
the shoulders of giants is where we road
we roll in compliance with the history of code “>code “>code

( code code code code code)