On ragging a IITD professor

How many of you were ragged at IITD? How many ragged your juniors? Did you ever rag a professor?

Ragging culture has been wiped away (almost) from the face of IIT Delhi. This post describes a funny incident where one of my friends, Robo, nearly ragged Professor Shouri Chatterjee. (Almost) Read on to enjoy. 🙂

After the usual Orientation and such boring stuff, we, EE510 group, the Electrical Engineering Dual degree batch of 2010 at IIT Delhi, had our first class. EEN110. That is a course designed to introduce us to the Department.

Enter Robo,  who has (had!) a habit of reaching class half an hour earlier. He goes to The department committee room, to see a very young man working on his laptop, sitting in the last row. There could be no doubt that he is a first year student. He looked so young! Robo sits on a chair by his side, murmurs to himself – What on earth is he doing? All this laptop and working and stuff, on first day?

Robo: Hey, Whats your name?

Young man: (looking puzzled, smiling…)

Robo: Hey man! I’m asking you! what is your name?

Young man: I am Shouri Chatterjee.

Robo: My name is Robo. Where are you from?

Shouri: I’m from West Bengal. (and keeps working)

Robo: (to himself) He’s not going to talk much. Lets wait for others to come.

::: The class gets filled, nearly, and its 9:00 AM. :::
Shouri: Move aside, I need to go.

Robo: Where will you go, man? the professor is about to come.

Shouri: (laughing) Let me go..

::: Robo gives way, Shouri moves towards the first row :::
Robo: (to himself) He should’ve sat in the first bench when he came here. Why this shifting and stuff later?

::: Shouri moves near the board, turns around and.. :::
Shouri: (To the class) Hello all! Welcome to IIT Delhi. I am Professor Shouri Chatterjee, and I will be dealing this course, EEN110.

::: Robo is shocked, his systems hang, and after few frantic attempts of Ctrl+Alt+Del, he regains control. :::

—- After the class —

Robo; I’m sorry sir.

Shouri: No problem. A little more time and you would’ve ragged me, you know, the intro and stuff! 😛

Thanks to my awesome memory, I could only describe the incident dryly, devoid of its beauty. If Robo narrates it again, I’ll remember to update this with the finer details. 🙂


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  1. aashish goyal

    oh!! i had heard quite a tweaked version of this incident…


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