IIT JEE survives!

Six IITs ‘spoil’ Kapil Sibal’s common engineering test dream : North News – India Today.

Good news to all protesters out there, The change is delayed by at-least an year. IIT-JEE is not going to use Board marks as a basis for evaluation in 2013, since senates of IIT have said a no-no to the proposal. The video i posted recently, expressing IITD’s stance on the situation, may be of interest in this context. Everyone is against the use of board marks in evaluation, for two main reasons. One, the reason being given by ministry, that it will put a check on coaching institutes, is anything but sensible. All that can be achieved is perhaps, a shift in emphasis. This can be nothing but encouragement to more coaching for board exams. And the second and most important reason, being the lack of uniformity in board exam patterns across the country, and as Prof. Sanghi points out in the video, considering percentile marks is not an acceptable solution, atleast without testing.

Note to Kapil Sibbal: IITs are spoiled enough, thanks to reservations and MCQ pattern exams, let the IIT system decide what is best for itself. There is a reason IITs are under HRD ministry. We are considered human resources of the country, at-least Jawaharlal Nehru thought so. You have no right to impose what you consider best, on such a thing as IITs which Indians pride, atleast not unless we switch to autocracy.

(As a side note, the present state of India looks much like it runs Autocratic government. Democracy is nowhere except on paper. it is a shame to say that the worlds largest democracy is also the most criticized, highly unsatisfactory, and atleast to me, just a pseudo-democracy. If I’m not too lazy, I’ll write another blog post on this.)


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