Monkey see, Monkey Do – IITian monkeys

Let me start by clarifying that I am an Ape, not a monkey. Monkey see, Monkey do – To quote Wikipedia, it refers to learning of a process without an understanding of why it works. It can also imply the act of mimicry, usually with limited knowledge and/or concern of the consequences.

What has this to do with IITians? I assume you have guessed it by now. This article is a comment on my own family. The IITian family.

Let me start by telling you a small story. There was once a king, whose minister confidently said, all intelligent people think alike. The king demanded proof, and that evening, a big vessel was put up at the city center in a tent, guarded by the king’s guards. An announcement was made that everyone in the city should fill the vessel with a jug of milk before sunrise the next morning. And so everyone obeyed. The next morning, the King and the minister arrive, open the almost closed lid, to see that it is full of water. The minister was grinning. King demands an explanation. Minister summons a nearby citizen. He replies: I thought, If everyone fills in milk, my jug of water will not be noticeable in that. Hence I did this, pardon me. The man was sent away, and now the king was amused. We are interested in just this part of the story.

A comment from one of my friends, a fellow IITian, is that if similar incident were to repeat in IIT Delhi, we will see it full of milk. That left me wondering, and after a while, I could not help but agree. It may not be fully milk, but It sure is not going to be full of water.

Not all, but many, fear innovation, abandon thought, grope blindly in the darkness with closed eyes, in bright mid-day sun, and curse the world for being hard. My point? We need innovators. We need to think. We need to stop being lethargic. We need to be ready to explore, and accept. We need to open up.

I’ve portrayed it in the extreme, and the reality is always somewhere between the two ends. But you get the point, I assume. This is a call to stop being the monkeys we are, who blindly follow what we see, as in a old Cap-merchant and monkey story. I hope my fellow IITians understand,accept, and appreciate.

Did I say not all? Yep, I did. And to those that enjoy the freedom, who think, who be themselves and not blindly follow what everyone else does, who dare go against the wind, I bow you, in appreciation. Keep it up, charge forward, let nothing stop, and let sky be thy lower limit.

As I read somewhere, Do not let the statement that sky is the limit stop you from being an astronaut. 😉