Ideas, and idols on pedestals

Ideas have a life of their own. They reproduce by communication, and compete for attention. Survival of the fittest.

Unfortunately, fittest here isn’t the best, most rational, or anything like that. More often than not, it is what people want to believe, what appeases people, or which idol lent it support.

Some forms of reproduction result in an enormously large clutch size, and that matters.

It is often neglected that people, even experts can have flawed opinions. Especially experts, in fields other than their own. Idolising people, placing people on pedestals, and measuring an idea’s worth by the supposed credibility or fame of its originators or supporters is not good. It can sometimes be disastrous.

Ideas have a life of their own. They mutate. They are parasites, they change and control their hosts. They make it difficult for competing ones to take hold. They attempt to propagate themselves. They are not their hosts anymore than a malarial parasite or gut bacteria are humans. They have their own identities.

It shouldn’t be forgotten, though it often is.


Everyday piracy

Telangana state can’t be assed to licence or buy DVDs to play in TVs on overnight buses. Pirated stuff everywhere.

The sites these movies are downloaded from insert audio clips advertising themselves.

Besides these movies being generally obnoxious and disturbing an otherwise usually peaceful journey, they can’t even be assed to actually buy the gods damned movies.

Venting my frustration from a bus, while a stupid movie prevents my sleep.