Name       : J Phani Mahesh
Location : New Delhi, India.

Eager to try things out, often I mess-up with things I’m not supposed to, and land in trouble. Thankfully I manage to fix it or find my way out otherwise most of the time.

I like things that are clean, and organized.
(Just to clear things, in no way do I imply that I am organized.)

I’m a critic, perfectionist at times but lazy most of the time, realist at all times. Patient listener, passionate debater and orator.

Occasionally I write, and often, I talk philosophy. And the fun part is, there actually are people who try to make sense out of my senseless gibberish.

I am passionate about Open Source Software.
And I am currently running…
$lsb_release -sd
Ubuntu 12.10

Listening to music, blogging, reading novels, short stories, light philosophy, Spreading word about FOSS, texting friends. I am particularly interested in cryptography, and I read articles on biology once in a while.


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