The Green Blooded Unicorn

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This week’s question:

It seems like thousands of people get on the internet every day to shout their opinion at anyone who will listen or to shout back at those people who started the shouting in the first place. Why do they at all do that??

Obligatory xkcd comic on this one.
Duty Calls, courtesy xkcd

It really doesn’t surprise me. People crave attention more than anything. It makes them feel important. Internet allows you to voice your opinion.

People are desperate to be heard. Not many realize it. It gives them a sense of importance.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. -Oscar Wilde

I can not put it any better. What better place than internet to sport a mask? It can not get any easier.

It is something deeper than the simple explanation I was trying to give. The gist remains the same. Ego. Not many realise how important it is to satisfy your desire to feel important. I can not stress it enough. I’d take the rather brave stance to state that satisfying your ego and asserting that you are important is the most important thing everyone must do.

Why should you satisfy your ego? I’m afraid I can not answer it reasonably in a short post. My stance has got a lot to do with how I view the world, the good, the bad, the truth, the ideal, and the very purpose of life.

My views are very much influenced by my choice. I chose to believe that it is a choice that makes all the difference.

I’ll leave it at that and let you ponder.

P.S: In case you are still wondering what a unicorn has got to do with this: I too can use totally unrelated titles to drive loads of traffic to my blog. 😛


Credit the source, Please!

I got a call this morning.

It was an angry Robo, angry at me that I’ve publicized his story on facebook. He said “The writing style, its undoubtedly you.” I’m out of facebook since long. I’ve never even asked anyone to do it on my behalf either. Someone copied my blog post verbatim, and posted it. They got to my blog by searching “funny incident iit delhi” in Google. ( Looking at the analytics, I am about 99% sure that thats the one. )

Now, It is kind of fun, I don’t have any issues with him copying and publicizing it, and now that its done, Robo can not do anything either, we don’t have any issues, but something bothers me.

That someone who copied my post verbatim did not care to cite the source! Yeah, I know, its common for people to steal content these days. Mind you, common but not legal.

I have stopped playing many games since I am against piracy. I do not go about pirating stuff since that goes against my ideals. I respect intellectual rights. I go to great lengths and even request permission to make copies of publicly-available material. ( Not many realize that the right to make copies is not granted when the content is made publicly available. ) And I try to license my works under a open license.

When some of my peers freely copy content verbatim from sources ranging from blogs to publications, without citing them, I have a reason to be angry.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I am not really blaming anyone. I am just worried that not many are aware. I request you all to take time to spread the word.

If you can not afford to buy a Windows License, please do not pirate it. There are over a thousand options available for an operating system. If you can not afford a Microsoft Office license, do not pirate it. Use open office or Libre office. If you can not afford a game, do not use a crack for it. Either save money and buy it, may be as a group, or do not play it.



Pardon me for the all caps. I know it hurts the eyes, (mine actually bleed looking at all caps) but I want to make it clear. Not many consider it emphasized enough unless they bold and all caps and underline and use a repulsive color scheme. Not many understand that italics is the proper way to emphasis. and that a normal word in a italicized text means emphasis. Well, writing etiquette can take an entire post by itself, and it doesn’t really belong here.

Content creators deserve respect. If you do not understand this, you will, once you create something putting hours of hard work, time and money into it, and when someone copies it without even attributing it, or when someone steals it from you, you will then understand.

P.S : Besides that, I am also angry at whoever copied my post for not linking since that would’ve been some good amount of traffic. I do not earn by advertising on this blog, but still, its good to have some traffic 😛