The Green Blooded Unicorn

Preface: I answer a question every week, under the game AMA. Ask Me Anything

This week’s question:

It seems like thousands of people get on the internet every day to shout their opinion at anyone who will listen or to shout back at those people who started the shouting in the first place. Why do they at all do that??

Obligatory xkcd comic on this one.
Duty Calls, courtesy xkcd

It really doesn’t surprise me. People crave attention more than anything. It makes them feel important. Internet allows you to voice your opinion.

People are desperate to be heard. Not many realize it. It gives them a sense of importance.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. -Oscar Wilde

I can not put it any better. What better place than internet to sport a mask? It can not get any easier.

It is something deeper than the simple explanation I was trying to give. The gist remains the same. Ego. Not many realise how important it is to satisfy your desire to feel important. I can not stress it enough. I’d take the rather brave stance to state that satisfying your ego and asserting that you are important is the most important thing everyone must do.

Why should you satisfy your ego? I’m afraid I can not answer it reasonably in a short post. My stance has got a lot to do with how I view the world, the good, the bad, the truth, the ideal, and the very purpose of life.

My views are very much influenced by my choice. I chose to believe that it is a choice that makes all the difference.

I’ll leave it at that and let you ponder.

P.S: In case you are still wondering what a unicorn has got to do with this: I too can use totally unrelated titles to drive loads of traffic to my blog. 😛