Time, Money, Work, Family, Steve Jobs, and Death


Here is an extract from an article that I found out there in the blogosphere, that I felt, is worth sharing.

Capital trumps time. Anyone who says time is money really has no idea what they’re talking about. Time is pulling the plow by yourself. Money is a tractor.

Time, not being an infinite resource, means that choices were made. And if I was putting all my time into the company, I wasn’t putting it in at home.


As I began to learn that capital trumps time I concluded that once I had capital, I could really start to do amazing things.


I would put in crazy hours to do it, of course, but we would go and do amazing things.


Then Steve Jobs died.


or all the success and amazing accomplishments of Steve Jobs, in the end, nothing could save him. Death can come at any time.


Because no matter how successful you are, you never know when your time is up. And while I admire the accomplishments of Steve Jobs, his biography makes clear, he wishes he had found a better work-life balance.

Intrigued? Not sure what the article talks? Its just a couple lines longer than this post, so you may look at it here.


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