All that makes the difference: A start

Have you ever wondered what made the difference? Between you and that friend of yours who is now good at this and that? Are you secretly jealous of him/her? Ever thought.. “I should one day be better. I’m just waiting for the chance..” Let me tell you a secret: I can give you what you were waiting for. The chance, that will change your life. Read on to find out..

The secret, believe it or not, is in taking the first step. You always had the opportunity, right in your hands, only you were not confident enough to believe it. You kept waiting for something that may or may not happen, a miracle, that showers you with success all of a sudden. The bitter truth, howevwer, is that such miracles rarely, if ever, happen in real Life. You’ve got to take the first step.

The last summer has been adventurous. It changed me a little, for the better. I have begun to ‘do’ things, instead of simply jotting down in my to-do lists. I have wanted to do things – Coding, writing, and a lot of reading. I have started all three of them, and looking back at whats been successfully done, i gain more inspiration and encouragement to proceed further.
Here is my message, short, sweet, and beautiful. Take the first step. Have something you wanted to do, since long, but find yourself waiting for a ‘opportune moment’? Realise that ‘now’ is the opportune moment. Ignore the fact that others are doing better. Make a start. Work with dedication, and see miracles happen.