What I’d been doing last week

Hi folks!

I was glad to hear that my blog has some regular followers, and they asked me what I’d been doing the past week, so here’s a summary.

  • I was trying to figure out what should be done regarding my project. ( Ethernet controlled thermal testing chamber ) Bought an oven, a compressor, and was trying to play with a beagleboard my professor gave.
  • And our mentorship team decided to have a new website, I hopped in. Tried Drupal locally for the first time, and with 4 hours of struggle, got abasic site with pretty stuff up and running. After a couple of demos, I was asked to deploy it live. We went ol, around three days back, and after two full night outs and a couple days work, We now have a fully functional site  at www.smpiitd.org ( Its down for maintenance, atm. Should be back live in a week, after I add proper content. )
  • Had been teaching few class XII students maths. ( This is for NSS, in collab with Aarohan NGO )

Pretty much, thats the most of what I’d been busy with. And I must say, the website design thingy was very exciting, and I lost track of time doing that. Worked some 35 hours at a stretch,  taking gap only to go for Aarohan teaching, and I had to stop when my tummy made a ‘Hunger call’ and my eyes refused to stay open. Had a moderate dinner and slept a good 17 hours after that. 😛